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The world's top ten connector manufacturers

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2017/06/07 02:12
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Tyco: http://www.amp.com; United States

Molex: http://www.molex.com; United States

FCI: http://www.fciconnect.com; France

Amphenol: http://www.amphenol.com; United States

Delphi: http://www.delphi.com; United States

Foxconn: http://www.foxconn.com; Taiwan, China

Hirose: http://www.hirose.com; Japan

Yazaki: http://www.yazaki.com; Japan

JST: http://www.jst.com; Japan

JAE: http://www.jae.com; Japan

Connector Market Analysis

The electronic connector is an electromechanical system, which plays a detachable connection between the system and the system, and keeps the system and the system from signal distortion and energy loss changes. Components.

Electronic connectors are one of the most widely used electronic components and are widely used in computers, telecommunications, network communications, industrial electronics, transportation, aerospace, medical equipment and automotive industries. The current electronic and information development trend has created a broad space for the development of the connector industry.

1) Global market size

All electrical-related products require electronic connectors, and the market for electronic connectors is huge. According to a survey by authoritative agency BISHOP ASSOCIATES, the global market for electronic connectors in 2003 has reached $ 28 billion; since 2003, the global electrical connector market has begun to recover and has entered a new growth cycle.

2) Geographical distribution of global markets

The global electronic connector market can be divided into North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, China) and other five important regional markets by region. The market sales are as follows:

Among the world's five major regional markets, the market in China has developed fastest, with a compound annual growth rate of 34.9% in the five years from 1999 to 2003.

3) Distribution of terminal applications

As far as the application fields of the end products are concerned, the application fields with the largest demand for electronic connectors are automotive electronics (26.1%), computers and peripherals (24.0%), followed by industrial control equipment, telecommunications, military / aerospace, transportation Transportation and consumer electronics. In terms of growth rate, the fastest-growing markets in 2003 were consumer electronics (19.3%), business office equipment (17.5%), medical equipment (16.8%), and industrial control (15.5%).

At present, the five major application fields of China's connector market are: computer and its peripheral equipment accounted for 26.4%, automotive category accounted for 19.2%, telecommunications and digital network communications accounted for 15.1%, industrial equipment accounted for 11.4%, military and aerospace accounted for 7.9% The other accounts for 20%.

4) Market development trends

Due to the increased demand for consumer electronics, mobile phones, PC products, and military and industrial control, the demand for electronic connectors has grown rapidly. From the perspective of downstream applications, the consumer, industrial, and wireless markets have the most potential for development. From the perspective of global market distribution, Asia is the most promising place, especially as China is gradually becoming the world ’s electronics manufacturing base and China ’s electronics connectivity. The scale of the device market is rapidly expanding.

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