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China's automotive connector market battle for future supremacy

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2017/06/07 21:11
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The rapid development of China's economy has made the electronics industry a historic leap. Reform and opening up have opened up China ’s economy and China ’s electronics industry! The connector in the electronics industry, it is not simply connected to the circuit, it also connects China and the entire world! How will the development of China's connectors be carried out, and who will occupy China's automotive connectors?

At first, Chinese connector production was mainly military connectors, which were equipped in the Chinese army during the war. After the implementation of China's reform and opening-up policy, many manufacturers have started to produce connectors for various industries that are closely related to electricity, such as small household appliances, household appliances, white electricity, black electricity, communications, and automobiles. There are nearly 1,000 companies, but there are only dozens of companies engaged in the production of automotive connectors, and even more of these dozens of companies with large-scale production scale are even fewer! With the development of China's economy, cars are no longer a luxury for people to show off, and Chinese car manufacturers are like bamboo shoots after the rain! Chinese automotive connector manufacturers are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, especially in Zhejiang Province, where there are nearly two-thirds of the number of Chinese automotive connector companies. Similarly, the three foreign-funded enterprises accounted for at least 40% of the local automotive connector manufacturing enterprises.

In the Chinese automotive connector industry, why foreign-funded enterprises have great competitiveness in China? The main reason is that China's economic base is relatively low, which makes companies like Shanghai Delphi Parker, Nantong Youxing, Hangzhou Xinchi, Shanghai Yilisu, etc. In terms of production scale, manufacturers have left Chinese local manufacturers far behind! We are inferior to foreign-funded enterprises in terms of economic strength and technical strength. For example, in 2004, Delphi Packer built a new automotive connector factory in Shanghai. In just one year, the annual output value reached 1 billion yuan. It is currently the largest automotive connector and wire harness manufacturer in China. The production of local automotive connector and automotive wiring harness manufacturers is mainly Guangzhou Haolong, Henan Tianhai, Zhejiang Yuyao Automobile Electric Factory No.2, Zhejiang Hexing Electronics, and Sichuan Huafeng. Among them, Guangzhou Haolong has a relatively large output value and enterprise strength. Bigger

In recent years, the size of China's automotive connector market has exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the number of shipments has reached 800 million, accounting for 8% to 10% of the total connector market in China, which is lower than the global connector market. The average level of automotive connector applications is 15%. In recent years, mainland Chinese autos have mostly introduced European and American cars and Japanese and Korean cars. Foreign brands account for 60% to 70% of the local automotive connector market, while domestic connector accessories account for only 30% to 40% of the market. rate.

The connectors purchased by Chinese automobile factories are mainly from some foreign companies such as AMP, Delphi, Yazaki, KET, MOLEX. The rapid growth of China's automobile production has also stimulated the import of automobile connectors. At present, China imports about 2 billion yuan of automotive connectors each year, accounting for about 25% of the total import value of the Chinese connector market. Chinese automotive connectors are mainly imported from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and South Korea; In terms of exports, mainly foreign-funded enterprises such as Shanghai Delphi Parker, Hangzhou Xinchi and Shanghai Yilisu are the main ones. Local enterprises rarely take export as their main business direction. This provides a good development space for foreign investment and sole foreign investment.

There are nearly a hundred types of connectors used in general cars, and there are hundreds of connectors used in a single vehicle. Therefore, so many categories also limit local enterprises without economic and technical strength. In recent years, with the increasing requirements for safety, environmental protection, comfort, and intelligence of automobiles, the application of automotive electronics has been increasing, such as car audio systems, car navigation systems, airbags, ABS systems, Optical cable network in the car, etc., which will increase the number of automotive connector applications. It is estimated that 600-1,000 electronic connectors will be used per car in the future, much larger than the number used today. At present, the global automotive connector industry accounts for about 15% of the connector industry. It is expected that in the future, driven by automotive electronics products, it will occupy a larger proportion.