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Car electric tailgate control wiring harness


Wire harnesses are processed on modern automobiles, and the electronic control system has a close relationship with wire harnesses. Someone once used an image metaphor: a microcomputer is equivalent to the human brain, a sensor is equivalent to a sensory organ, and an actuator is equivalent to a motor tube. Then the wiring harness is a nerve and a blood vessel.

Wire harness processing Automotive wire harnesses are divided into two types of functions: power lines that carry electric power to drive actuators (actuators) and signal lines that transmit sensor input commands. Power lines are thick wires that carry large currents, while signal lines are thin wires (optical fiber communications) that do not carry electricity.

With the increase of automobile functions and the widespread application of electronic control technology, the number of circuits and power consumption in automobiles has increased significantly, and the wiring harnesses have become thicker and heavier. How to make a large number of wiring harnesses more effective and reasonable in a limited automotive space Arrangement, so that the automotive wiring harness can play a greater role, has become a problem facing the automotive industry.


My company's wire harness production is strong:

1. Stable assembly and production capacity of high-performance automobile wiring harness, independent development capability of small blocks for automobiles

2. All products are strictly in accordance with ISO / TS16949 quality management system related standards

3.Provide global customers with high-quality products and services at local Chinese prices;

4.Deep industry background and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships ensure our continuous cost reduction in material costs

5.The automobile wiring harness we produce includes headlight wiring harness, BMS wiring harness, battery pack low voltage control wiring harness, automobile wheel motor control wiring harness, new energy storage high voltage wiring harness, electric tailgate wiring harness, automatic transmission wiring harness

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