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Industrial robot wiring harness


There is a strict and correct process when harness processing, which will determine how the quality of harness processing appears, so every step of the processing process must be paid attention to and meticulous. Wire harness processing net to show you how the basic process of wire harness processing? Let everyone know more about harness processing.

1: Acceptance link: It is mainly an acceptance of incoming materials. You can use ROHS instruments or other instruments for basic tests. The main hazardous substances accepted are lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated biphenyl polybrominated diphenyl ethers, etc.

2: Place the qualified wire on the transfer wire rack for wire feeding. At this time, you should pay attention to avoid scratching the surface of the wire.

3: Cut the wire; at this time, a wire cutter is used to cut the wire to the required length.

4: Peeling: Insulating outer skin according to sop requirements, mainly using pneumatic peeling machine

5: Twisted wire: arrange and twist the conductor at the joint. Twisting machine is mainly used.

6: Riveting: riveting the conductor and plug terminal at the joint with a terminal machine.

7: Assembly: Assemble the processed wiring harness, mainly to assemble the plastic plug shell.

8: Testing, final testing of the product, and packaging before passing.


Our advantage

Customized advantages: physical factory / accept OEM & ODM

Safety advantages: complete test equipment / reliable packaging and transportation

Service Advantage: Wherever there is sales, there is service

Our industrial control wiring harness includes: motor wiring harness, construction machinery wiring harness, industrial waterproof wiring harness, robot wiring harness, servo programming control wiring harness, towline wiring harness, medical equipment wiring harness

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