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The quality of the wiring harness material directly affects the quality of the wiring harness, and the choice of wiring harness material is related to the quality and service life of the wiring harness. As a reminder to everyone, in the choice of wire harness products, you must not covet cheap, cheap wire harness products may be used inferior wiring harness materials. How to distinguish the quality of the wiring harness? Know the material of the wiring harness. The following is the material selection of wiring harness.

The wiring harness is generally composed of a wire, an insulation sheath, a terminal, and a bandage material. As long as you understand these materials, you can easily distinguish the quality of the wiring harness.

First, the material selection of the terminal

The copper used for the terminal material (copper) is mainly brass and bronze (the hardness of brass is slightly lower than the hardness of bronze), and the proportion of brass is larger. In addition, different plating layers can be selected according to different needs.

Second, the choice of insulation sheath

Sheath material (plastic parts) commonly used materials are PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, pp, etc. According to the actual situation, flame retardant or reinforcing materials can be added to the plastic to achieve the purpose of strengthening or flame retardant, such as adding glass fiber reinforcement.

Third, the choice of wiring harness

According to the different use environment, choose the corresponding wire material.

Fourth, the choice of dressing materials

Harness banding has the functions of wear resistance, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, interference prevention, noise reduction, and beautification of appearance. Generally, the bandaging material is selected according to the working environment and space size. There are usually tapes, corrugated pipes, PVC pipes, etc. in the choice of bandaging materials.


The basic composition of the wiring harness

The wiring harness is mainly composed of 4 parts

Wire: WIRE--Conducted Current

Terminal: TM ’L--Conducted current and connection plug

Plug-in: HS ’G--insulation and connector fixing

Excipients: protection and positioning




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